Aegina is an island full of special places of both historical importance and natural beauty.
Visit the Temple of Afaia, the Marcellou Tower, Kazantzakis House, Paliahora, the Kapodistrian Buildings, the Ancient Olive Grove and many more. Apollo Resort enjoys a unique location on the sea just a stone’s throw from the picturesque port of Agia Marina and is the perfect place to relax after a day of touring.


Ancient temple of Aphaea

Above the village of Agia Marina; the ancient temple of Aphaea rises proudly and dominates the top of a mountain range in Aegina, since the 8th century BC. In Greek mythology, Aphaea was a goddess who was worshipped only in Aegina and by locals. The temple is an unparalleled work of ancient Greek architecture, in terms of technique, artistic perspective, geometry and physics.

Monastery & Church of Agios Nektarios

The Monastery of Agios Nektarios in Aegina is one of the top attractions of the island and a place of attraction for its visitors who flock to the spot by thousands throughout the year to worship and heal.The Monastery of Agios Nektarios in Aegina is not only one of the largest monasteries in Greece, but also one of the largest Orthodox churches in the Balkans. Although well known to th epublic, few people know its true history and significance.

Perdika Village

Perdika is a coastal village 23km from our resort. While on Aegina you should definitely visit Perdika since it combines simplicity and grandeur. The narrow picturesque streets and white houses with their courtyards allude to Cycladic architecture. It is located on the southest cape of the island and a visit to Perdika is best combined with sunset watching and fresh fish and meze in one of the many taverns found on the marina.

The Cape of the Pillar (Kolona)

The cape of Kolona was surrounded by high walls of various periods, it was a city of many, just above the commercial port where the trade was developing and the war port ‘hiddenport’ where the warships were hiding.The city wall ended up at the beaches of bothmoles where there were guarded towers. Within the city of Kolona it is worth mentioning the following important monuments : The temple of Apollo in Kolona and perhaps Poseidon, the tombs of Thesmoforos Demeter, Artemis, Dionysus and Hecate, the buildings Aiakio, Parliamentio, Attalio, the Theatre, the Stadium, several tombs, the Tomb of Fokos, fortifications (walls,ports,,aqueducts,etc.)


Hiking Paths

Aegina has been inhabited since ancient times and as a result is still has some of the roads and paths used throughout the years. Sometimes dirt roads, sometimes cobblestone roads; the paths of Aegina will lead you to discover its hidden treasures in the wild local nature. The Traverse of Mount. Ellanio| (8.8 km., 5 hours, Difficulty Medium) Sfentouri – Elaionas| (3 km., 1:15 hours, Difficulty Medium) Palaioxora| (1.2 km, 40 minutes, Diffculty Easy) Temple of Afaia| (2.5km, 50 minutes, Diffculty Medium)

Horse Riding

If you love horses and horse-riding you’re in luck. Aegina offers exciting horse-riding trips; most of them can be found in Perdika and the Town. Although, if you want you can arrange special trips throughout the island.


Although Aegina is a relatively small island and pretty close to Athens, it hosts on its land a number of birds, some of which are rarer than others. Throughout the year, on Aegina and mainly in the villages of Pachia Rachi and Kontos, you will be able to observe among other species, mountain partridges, storks, and other genuinely local species. Depending on the season you can also observe flocks of stocks, herons, and other aquatic birds.

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